I came to editing a bit later than others, but it’s something I truly enjoy. I’m primarily a copy editor because I have a keen eye for finding errors that sneak into good writing and try to make it less than it can be. I also have a good understanding of English grammar, and an ear for how words should flow to bring out their best meaning.

With that said, I am always looking for ways to improve my editing; toward that end, I have a membership with the Editorial Freelancers Association, and I participate in their editorial course offerings whenever my schedule permits.

I love to work on both fiction and non-fiction works! I’d have to say that my favorite book to work on was one that combined both elements, as it contained an essay about the author’s father as well as a collection of short fiction stories. One ongoing project, if you will, is a local magazine that is published monthly, called NOISE & COLOR (noiseandcolormag.com/). I love it because I’m constantly learning new things about the area where I live, including outdoor activities (ice climbing!), restaurants, musicians, and so much more! It’s also sometimes a challenge for me, with some articles coming to me at the very last minute before the deadline, which means that I have to be fast and accurate, something that I take pride in being able to do.

I hope to work with you on your project and show you just how wonderful your writing can be!


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